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Common price: € 2 916,0
Mobile printer with integrated scanner. An absolute novelty, a unique combination of a mobile printer with an integrated 1D and 2D barcode reader. Ideal equipment for marking when packaging and shipping small to medium series of products.

It enables not only printing on the surfaces of cardboard and similar packaging, but also in combination with MP quick-drying ink (metal + plastics) - also on non-absorbent materials.

The stamp is 100% mobile thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery.

Imprint options: in addition to the usual features, i.e. the ability to print combinations of figures and numbering, current or selected date and time, free text, graphics and logo, barcode or QR code...

Copy Barcode • Convert Barcode • Convert Code To Readable Text • Automatically Print the Selected Imprint.

Imprints can be created on a computer and transferred via USB or Bluetooth to the stamp.

Possible connection to Windows-based programs, expedidtion management systems or barcode label printing software.

The stamp can also be ordered with a quick-drying MP cartridge for printing on non-absorbent materials.

Stamp weight 950 g, printing area max. 85 x 25 mm. The batteries allow up to 1000 prints without charging.

For more information, please contact us, we will be happy to show you the stamp options.

Replacement cartridge quick-drying: P5- MP3_black

Replacement inkjet cartridge: P5-S3-BK_black
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